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Digital TV changeover deadline has passed

America's transition to digital TV broadcasts is complete. As of midnight, every major station in the nation offers all-digital programs. Yet after years of public announcements, some people have been caught off-guard. If your TV set's on the blink, here's how to get tuned in:

Only viewers who use rooftop or "rabbit-ears" antennas are affected by the switch. Consider signing up for cable or satellite service.

Buying a new TV set will also solve the problem, because all new sets have digital tuners.

What are the benefits of switching to DTV?

Probably the largest benefit of going to an all digital broadcasting television system is that pare of the broadcast spectrum will be freed up to be used for public safety communication systems used by the police, fire departments, and rescue squads. Additionally, parts of the newly accessed broadcast spectrum will be auctioned off to companies so that they can provide consumers additional and more advanced wireless services, such as wireless broadband transmissions.

Why did the government push back the digital TV transition?

A big part of why the US Government has delayed the transition from analog TV to digital TV is the fact that they have run out of money for the 40 dollar coupon for the digital converter boxes.

The waiting list which was created last year has approximately 3.5 million coupon users waiting on it.

The Switch to Digital TV is Delayed to June 12th

With only two weeks to go before the transition of analog to digital broadcasting, TV owners will get a 2nd chance on Wednesday to upgrade to the conversion. This gives US television owners four more months to carry out their conversion to the switch to digital TV.

House Will Try Again to Delay Digital TV Transition

Remember that dreary day in social studies when the topic was “How a bill becomes law?” Congress is trying to reenact all those steps — in what in Washington considers rapid time — to make sure that no one is denied their beloved television shows.

If nothing happens, current law will force all television stations to stop broadcasting their analog signals on Feb. 17, leaving those without cable, satellite, a late-model television or a converter box without access to over-the-air broadcasts.

5 Digital Television Transition Myths

Despite what you may have heard, there's no reason to fear the DTV switchover. Here's why.

Following plenty of back and forth and much formal debate, the DTV switchover deadline stands at February 17 (for now, at least). Barring a congressional change of heart, that date will mark the end of analog (NTSC) broadcast television here in the U.S.

How to get coupons for a DTV converter box

If you are currently using rabbit ears or a rooftop antenna for TV service you will need to get a DTV converter box before the big switch on February 17, 2009.

The good news: Uncle Sam is going to pick up the cost of a converter box by giving you two free $40 coupons. But you need to do something now to avoid missing the window. It's a first come first serve basis....the government says you should get this done before December 31st.

You have two options to get the on a phone, or head online. So let's get to work. First let's hit the phone. Just dial 1-800-DTV-2009.

Zenith Digital TV Converter Box Wins 'Easy To Use' Praise From Advocates for Americans With Disabilities

The Zenith DTT 901 digital TV converter box is the perfect choice for Americans with disabilities, according to leading disability advocates.

Some Broadcasters Agree to Extend Signals After Digital Transition

The National Association of Broadcasters said today that its member companies have agreed, on a voluntary basis, to continue to make local broadcast signals available to distribution partners -- cable, satellite and telecom TV operators -- for an extra couple of weeks after the official switch to all-digital TV takes place on Feb. 17. NAB's Television Board of Directors said it is also working to reach the same agreement with all television members, the networks and the network affiliate stations.

Switch to DTV Made Easy

ROCKFORD - If you haven't already made the switch to digital TV, there's still time. You have until February of 2009. But if you want that clearer signal now, 13 News has more on how to make a smooth change.

By now you've heard if you don't have cable or a satellite dish, you'll need to buy a converter box by the time television goes digital. Quest General Manager Michael Cory says, "The cheapest most economical solution would be the DTV box, the digital box that's coming out."

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